Wardrobe rehab

Every year, at the beginning of winter, I have an overwhelming need to hygge up my home – i.e. the Danish obsession with getting cozy and content. Since shabby-chic is in, I won’t resist the urge to cozify auntie Hortense’s vintage wardrobe. Lined walls and shelves are an unexpected touch that can really liven up an entire piece from the inside out – and who doesn’t love a good surprise?

A few scissor snips and stapler shots can pimp a rather drab-looking wardrobe interior into a sumptuous show-case for prized possessions. This spectacular revamping requires some fabric – an upcycled curtain, sheet, or table cloth are perfect for this mission. Mixing different bits of leftover material, preferably bold, will jazz things up even more, making a striking contrast between the austere outside and the hyper trendy inside. You’ll also need some pretty trim, a stapler and some fabric glue – a glue gun is even better.

Doors, shelves and shelf supports need to be removed. If the shelf supports resist, don’t worry, you’ll just have to work your way around them. Clean everything with a cute cotton cloth dipped in turpentine. Measure up the inside walls: first the back panel, then the 2 sides and the ceiling as one lot. If the shelf supports are stuck, measure them too. Finish with the shelves and the doors.

Before cutting the fabric, add 1 cm to each measurement. Turn over this 1 cm on all sides and press with an iron. Double check the dimensions. If they are fine, you can have a little song and dance.

Start stapling the left wall, following the perimeter, do the ceiling, then the right wall. If the shelf supports are in place, put some staples along the bottom and the top. Then, feeling happy and elated, line the back wall and the inside of the doors. Finish with the shelves: don’t bother to cover the left and right sides and staple the fabric to the bottom of the shelf. When everything is lined, draw the glue gun to shoot the trim and stick it over the staples to take this make over to another dimension.

Step back to admire your work, go “WOW!” and burst with pride.

If you want an even cozier and prettier finish, use a wadding underlay before stapling your fabric. In this case, remove 1 cm to each measurement before cutting the wadding.

And last but not least, to keep this refined armoire scented and moth free, prepare some powerful, ecofriendly weaponry to stop these monsters munching their way through your wollies.Cut some little wadding rectangles, pour 10 drops essential oil of thyme and 10 drops essential oil of lavender (flowers) on each one of them. According to scientists, these oils are among the most efficient moth repellents. Stash your rectangles into sublime sachet bags and put as many as you like inside your wardrobe, making it a safe haven for Raymond’s beloved hand-knitted socks.

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