World Plumbing Day

Who said that DIY was not sexy, that is was a guys’ thing?

Well, whoever they were, they were wrong! Look at Corky (Gina Gershon) in Bound, femme fatale and handyperson. In her tank top and dungarees, she renovates a flat, does the plumbing and steals two million dollars from the mob. But this is not quite in the same category.

No need to put on an overall to amaze Raymond. Descaling the shower head will do the job. Grab some white vinegar and dip the unfortunate furred-up appliance in the acetic liquid. If the shower head is fixed, last thing at night, get a plastic bag, half fill it with white vinegar and secure it with a lovely bow. Let the vinegar work its magic overnight. The following morning, all traces of the offender will have vanished without a trace.

In le Dictionnaire à tout faire.