Appetite Suppressant.

An ordinary lemon can help you peel pounds off in a hurry” said Dr Kalpesh Singh, Head of the Institute for Dietetic Research in New Delhi, to a weekly Indian magazine.

“All you have to do is apply a fresh lemon seed to a special pressure point on your earlobes a few times before mealtime.”

According to the good Doctor, you grab a pip between the tips of your thumb and forefinger and press it firmly into your chosen earlobe, near the jaw bone. Slowly count to ten, release the pressure, take a deep breath and count to ten before applying the same treatment to your other earlobe. Repeat the whole procedure ten times.

By the end of this treatment, your hunger should have been seriously curbed.

The secret is that the lemon seed presses onto the acupuncture point that controls appetite. It is simple, easy to do – even if like Raymond you don’t know anything about acupressure – so long as you have a lemon seed, a thumb and forefinger in working order and, of course, one or two earlobes!