Hello glossy coat

If, God help us, Sweetie the dachshund or Ahri the cat, suffered the misfortune of embarrassing B.O., do not despair. You can give your little domestic fury companions back their lovely sweet smell with a baking soda – aka soda bicarbonate – dry shampoo. The magic powder naturally neutralizes and absorbs odors rather than covering them up.

Sprinkle them with a generous amount of bicarb, making sure to avoid their eyes. Massage thoroughly to rub the powder into their coat and leave it for about 15 minutes. Brush off the bicarb carefully to remove all of it. This treatment restores Ahri and Sweetie lovely natural odor and, in the process, ejects any parasites squatting their fur.

Should the pong persist, opt for plan B: i.e. the wet shampoo solution with soft olive oil soap. The liquid wonder will gently cleanse and shine their coat.

This beauty makeover will give them the ultra-glossy red carpet effect with the bonus of preventing allergies – like eczema for example – and discouraging parasites.

Wet them, rub a teaspoon of soap into their coat, massage for a while and rinse thoroughly with water. Towel dry them and quickly put on your sunglasses if you don’t want to be blinded by the shimmer and shine coming of their fur!

In Le Dictionnaire à tout faire du bicarbonate and Savons noirs à tout faire.