If your Raymond is stressed up, explain that it is very bad for his health and his good looks. When cortisol – the stress hormone – hits the roof, his heart beats faster and his blood pressure explodes.

To stop this nonsense, tell him to take a deep breath and make him a nice cup of tea, the Queen’s secret weapon. Thanks to her royal cuppa, cool as a cucumber, she managed to keep a stiff upper lip in the face of her annus horribilis. Victoria, her illustrious ancestor, also knew the calming power of tea. Her first requests as a monarch were a copy of the Times and a cup of the divine beverage.

British scientists proved that this magic drink with thousand virtues lowers cortisol levels and stress by 20% within a few minutes. They found that L-theanine, a major amino-acid uniquely found in tea, brings blood pressure down fast, rejuvenates and relaxes. It boosts moods and alpha brain waves, promoting alert relaxation without altering concentration or cognitive faculties the way certain alcoholic consolers do. L-theanine also increases serotonin and dopamine – the happy hormones – levels in your brain. This dynamic duo washes away stress in not time.

Other studies show that serious tea drinkers – who indulge in more than 2 cups a day – have a lower blood pressure and are less at risk of developing one – than occasional drinkers or people who, sadly, never touch the stuff.

Unless your Raymond is allergic to flowers, give him one of the Queen’s favorites: jasmine green tea leaves rolled into a ball around a chrysanthemum flower. Infuse one of these exquisite little things for six minutes in a glass tea pot to admire the bud opening. The tea and chrysanthemum lower hypertension and the sheer beauty of the blooming flower also stimulates the dopamine production, making Raymond feel sexy, romantic and deliriously happy. Jasmine is soothing – but not soporific – and aphrodisiac too, which is exactly what the dear boy needs to forget his stress. If you put on your tantalizing silk bustier to serve it, Raymond will buy a 5kg caddy of this delicacy.

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