Save your hands from the cold

The harsh winter is not your hands’ best friend. If, by the greatest of misfortunes, they happen to be as rough and dry as a washerwoman’s, you’d better hide the disaster under your best gloves. To repair the damage, prepare a rescue plan as soon as possible with some of the treasures hidden in your cupboards.

Good Queen Bess’ favourite herbalist and superintendent of her royal gardens, prescribed “the oil of almonds [that] makes smooth hands and face of delicate persons, and cleanseth the skin from all spots...”

But it is not the only one to work miracles. Olive, coconut, sesame, castor oils or many others are just as amazing.

Saving your dry chapped hands, red and rough with the cold or other enemies of your delicate epidermis, is an emergency. Grab hold of your favourite oil and warm it up in a double boiler or the microwave. Wash your sorry little mitts and proceed to exfoliate them with 1 teaspoon of sugar mixed with a tablespoon of lemon juice. Scrub them all over, describing lovely little circles, rinse and dry. Dip them delicately in their lukewarm oily bath and let them luxuriate in it for fifteen minutes or more if you have time. After this replenishing beauty treatment, massage them lovingly before removing the excess with paper tissues. This routine is great for feet too. Since you are reconditioning your hands, you might as well do your feet too and, while you are at it, don’t forget Raymond’s.

If you carry out the full operation before going to bed or if you simply massage them with oil, put on your ravishing white cotton gloves, like Mickey Mouse’s, and sleep with them. Ditto for your feet, with exquisite little cotton socks. If Raymond starts asking questions, submit him to the same regime. So, he too will have his intensive beauty program. Renew every night till extreme softness ensues.

To protect your hands from all sorts of aggressors, never leave home without your gloves when it’s cold and always wear gloves for domestic chores. Massage them with lemon juice as often as possible to restore the skin’s pH. Use aloe vera gel, a champion when it comes to providing moisture.

Before going to bed, pamper them with 1 drop essential oil of ylang-ylang mixed in ¼ teaspoon of your favourite oil. Rub in well, little by little and admire the totally breath-taking result with satisfaction.

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