Freshen a stinky helmet and gloves

On this beautiful World Motorcycle Cleaning Day, you washed yours. All bikers know how important it is to keep their machine clean, but they often forget to maintain their helmets, especially the inside, which turns into a terrible foul-smelling den of bacteria. If you put away a damp helmet just after a ride, you’ll probably be confronted with a terrible olfactive challenge next time you use it.

If the lining can be removed, chuck it in washing machine, at delicate cycle (30°).

A word of caution: if the lining includes some leather, forget the washing machine.

Never ever use the tumble dryer. Dry everything naturally.

If the inner-lining is not removable, avoid the shame of a stinky helmet by pouring half a glass of soda bicarb into it. Let the magic work during the night. Use your vacuum cleaner special curtain/couch attachment to suck up all the powder. Half-fill a small washing bowl with hot water, add half a teaspoon of black soap or liquid soap and half a glass of white vinegar and mix well. Dip a microfiber cloth in it, wring it carefully and delicately wipe the inside of your helmet. Let it dry in the open air, away from the exposure of direct heat sources and don’t use a hair-dryer. Make sure it is perfectly dry to avoid damp patches and ghastly smells.

This clever recipe works wonders for all helmets, including cycling, hockey, riding helmets, etc.

While you are at it, don’t forget your leather and other non-washable gloves. Take some old unladdered tights or stockings, cut the foot and fill with soda bicarb. Tie a cute bow, put them inside your gloves and leave overnight. Or take an old pair of cotton gloves (or extra fine ones) fill them with soda bicarb, tie a sweet bow and push them inside your motorcyclist gloves. Ditto for hockey or boxing gloves.

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