Bye pesky pests!

Eradicate and discourage grotty garden pests with extraordinarily elegant, efficient and ecological methods.

In cases of emergency, get some black soap. It will exterminate offensive aphids and other non-gratæ, in a perfectly eco-friendly way. Vraiment! Hemp oil soap, a black soap that goes back to the 12th century, is the perfect weapon to neutralize these unwanted squatters. Mix 1 tablespoon of hemp oil soap in 4 litres of hot water. Stir vigorously and allow to cool down. Fill a stunning spray-bottle and there you are: your lethal weapon is ready. Don’t be afraid to spray a generous amount of the magic liquid on both sides of the leaves so that it clings to the foliage and also drips on the ground. Repeat the destructive mission every 7 to 10 days.

To prevent hostile invasions and avoid further unnecessary deaths in the garden, learn to delegate. Recruit valiant vigilantes to do the job for you: i.e. plant an army to guard your vegetables, fruits and flowers. Aniseed, nasturtiums, chives, garlic, coriander, mint, geraniums, basil, marigolds, mustard and tansies will be more than happy to fiercely repel aphids, ants, fleas and mosquitoes. The secret is to know how to associate them.

The potent fragrance of marigolds is enough to scare parasites and pests away. Plant nice borders of these lovely flowers around your vegetable garden. The strong scent of chives and garlic makes aphids skedaddle when positioned near lettuces, peas and roses bushes. Evening primroses protect eggplants from their foes. Dill is a great companion for cucumbers and defends them against a multitude of pests. Tomatoes and basil are the perfect match, not only on your plate but as garden neighbours too. Plant them together to make them deliriously happy. Nasturtiums spoil the taste of fruit tree sap for aphids and will help keep them off broccoli.

Some vegetables support each other mutually: the redolence of carrots scares off onion pests and the powerful exhalations of onions terrify carrot parasites.

If possible, grow some sunflowers, aphids are totally crazy about them. They fall head over heels for these tall blond beauties and forget all other crops in your garden. (We wish we had the same effect on Raymond!) A few of them will beautify your garden and totally bewitch aphids that will stop harassing other plants. And don’t worry, this is not a tragic love story. Aphids will not damage their love object.

Other keen helpers are willing to patrol your garden. Lovely friendly little creatures such as ladybirds, hoverflies and hedgehogs, all brave enough to fearlessly fight pesky pests.

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