Battle of the holiday bulge


Every year, it’s the same sad story. After the summer holidays, you realize with horror that unsightly bulges are wrecking your fabulous figure. How they managed to secretly creep up on you remains a mystery. And a most upsetting one, especially when you thought you didn’t overdo it with the local delicacies. Alas, another glance in the mirror confirms that you are bursting out of your favourite little dress.

After the inevitable fit of despair, you manage to grab hold of yourself and activate the anti-kilos emergency plan: more exercise, sensible eating and a few clever hacks to help you recover a sylphlike silhouette.

Drastic dieting is not on the menu. Zero sugar, alcohol and puddings should do the trick. Start concocting delicious dishes, lovely and light, with exquisitely coloured vegetables. To boost your thermogenesis and burn fat like a furnace inside your body, shamelessly use tried and tested slimmer’s little helpers: Lemon, cider vinegar and spices.

Throw a couple or more washed whole organic lemons in the juice extractor. The juice and the skin are very high in vitamin C, a must have when doing sports. Why? Because the lucky creatures with adequate vitamin C levels burn 30% more fat with moderate exercise. The unfortunate ones lacking this precious vitamin have a harder time getting rid of their unwanted adiposity.

Prepare the indispensable hunger stopper chewing-gums by cutting up a carefully washed organic lemon skin – zest and albedo – and chew them furiously, as often as needed. These little marvels are craving crushers, teeth whitener and breath sweeteners.

To liven up your listless lymphatic system, mix a delicious draining cocktail. Wash 3 organic lemons and slice one of them. Peel 2 cm fresh ginger and 2 cm fresh turmeric and throw them in the juicer with the 2 whole lemons. If you don’t have fresh ginger and/or turmeric, use 1 teaspoon of ginger and turmeric powder. Add 1 litre still or sparkling water, ½ a teaspoon of black pepper and a pinch of Cayenne pepper, mix well and add the lemon slices. Let the mixture seep 10 minutes before serving it. Sip this magic drink all day long and enjoy it with ice or without.

To beat the munchies, replace sugar by cinnamon or vanilla. Both are divine and non-fattening. And to annihilate your appetite, delicately suck on a clove or chew a few fennel seeds.

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