Repurposing bras with a passion

Your dresser last drawer doesn’t have to be a bra graveyard, there are ways to stop this tragedy. 

On a bright and beautiful day of June 2018, the world’s first zero-waste bra, totally biodegradable, hit the shops in Australia. In the States, the company Harper Wilde invite women to send them their used lingerie pieces, whether or not they were made by Harper Wilde, to be recycled. For the last 10 years, Japanese undies manufacturers have been turning them into refuse paper and plastic fuel, much more efficient than coal.

Before these practices become mainstream, if your faithful companions are still impeccable but no longer glamourous, give them a total make-over to play the diva, like Dita von Teese.

A bit of lace, a few pearls, appliques and tassels will send them into another dimension and your love life with them.

As for the worn ones, unable to fulfil their support mission due to material failure, they can begin new careers, less challenging but still awesome. A second life as potpourri pouches, the epitome of cool, is not too taxing. Using a padded bra, take one section and cut away the elastic back carefully, you don’t want to rip the fabric. Put dried lavender or other potpourri blends inside the lining and re-sew the opening. Place these sophisticated sachets in your drawers and wardrobes to scent clothing with their elegant fragrance.

To mesmerize your neighbour, magically transform a sorry undergarment into a jolly flower bra-sket. Take a retired brassiere, clasp it in the back or the front, lay it flat on the table and staple it along the bottom. Line with a waterproof layer. It can be slightly higher than the back of the bra. Make a small hole in it to let the water out. Pack the petunias or other flowers in with soil. Hang your installation on a coat hanger and exhibit it in full view in your garden. The dear boy’s temperature should soar sky high.

When they are but the sad shadow of their former selves, before parting with them for good, cut the cups, make a hole at each end and put an elasticated band through them. You now have 2 facemasks to wear when sanding or in the flu season. Rather more fetching than plain surgical masks!

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