Feeling low? Time for a matcha!

Feeling sluggish and foggy-brained? Forget your beloved coffee and grab a cup of matcha. This absolute marvel will perk you up in a jiffy. 

In China, its venerable ancestor was a drink for noblemen and monks. These happy mortals knew that the precious green power increased their ability to concentrate and focus attention for meditation. Scientists studied its amazing benefits. They were delighted to discovered that the monks were right. This powerful antioxidant, fearlessly fighting oxidative stress – a horror responsible for most of our illnesses – also bring about a sense of calmness, clarity and mental awareness. It wakes the body up without making you jittery the way coffee does. With it, you are mentally alert and ready to start a new day without unnecessary stress.

But this magic potion is not just a mental stimulant, it also enhances cardiac capacities, endurance and strength for explosive sports such as rugby and weight training. And, as an added bonus, it helps burn more calories during the effort. 

Beware: Studies were performed using the highest-grade Japanese ceremonial matcha, not culinary grade matcha.

The classic recipe is a bit of an acquired taste. If you find it unsavory, drown it in a fruit juice. Purists will scream, but you will enjoy all the matcha benefits.

Mix 1 teaspoon matcha with the juice of half a lemon and the same amount of fizzy water. Wisk vigorously to break the lumps. Add 25 cl fruit juice, mix and drink. You should feel better rapidly!

Also give this sports smoothie a try. It’s a real health bomb bursting with antioxidants. Pour 1 vanilla yogurt in your best blender with 2 cups red berries, 1 cup apple juice, 2 tablespoons flax seeds or 1 teaspoon flax seed oil and 1 teaspoon matcha. Mix with a spoon, then blend furiously, pour into a pretty glass, close your eyes and enjoy.

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