Adios dead cells

To take a skin from good to radiant, exfoliation has been working wonders for the last few thousand years. The Ebers papyrus, in 1550 before the famous crucified guy, gives what probably is the first written recipe: “Another [remedy] to make the surface of the flesh perfect: one part of powdered alabaster, one part of natron, one part of sea salt and one part of honey. Mix and rub on the skin.”

A good sloughing routine is the secret key to a youthful, flawless, tighter, firmer, glowing skin. Not only does it dislodge deceased epithelial cells, it also rejuvenates the skin, encourages regeneration, stimulates blood circulation, eliminates toxins, opens pores, reduces skin discoloration, evens out skin tone and improves texture, attacks cellulite and water retention, prepares the epidermis for a lovely uniform tan – natural or with a self-tanner.

Among the best exfoliators living in your cupboards, sugar is a champion with its glycolic acid (code name AHA), the very same one used for skin peels by professional beauticians. As an added bonus, this little marvel encourages collagen production.

The basic recipe is simple: mix 2 parts sugar and 1 part mineral water to make a mushy cream. Wet your skin and gently rub on your face – avoiding eye area – and body in lovely circular motions.

To upgrade this humble polishing operation to a 5-star spa treatment, add vegetable oil, essential oils, honey and other ingredients such as dried lavender flowers, lemon zests, rose petals, etc.

Rigorously select your ingredients before using them to concoct awesome recipes without paraben, phthalates and other such non-grata. Take organic sugar, fine enough to ruthlessly remove dulling dead cells and make way for newer, fresher ones, without savagely lacerating them.

Ditto for the oils: favour organic varieties. Sweet almond, hazelnut, olive, coconut, sesame, argan, macadamia or apricot kernels, are great classics to revive a ravaged skin. Essential oils enhance the treatment and take it to another dimension. Choose essential oils of grapefruit and eucalyptus for a good cleansing session; lavender to relax and Bourbon geranium and frankincense to slow signs of aging.

Super facial sugar scrub

In a lovely bowl, mix furiously 1 cup sugar with ½ cup almond or coconut oil and 15 drops of Lavender essential oil. Pour into a ravishing airtight glass jar, seal and label in beautiful flamboyant, Gothic lettering. Use a clean spoon to take the amount for your sloughing. Wet you skin and gently massage your concoction to revive your complexion. Leave for 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Awesome home-made body polisher

Mix 2 cups sugar with 1 cup coconut oil (or any other oil) and 15 drops essential oils chosen for their specific virtues. Put in an airtight glass jar, seal and label. Use a clean tablespoon to take your divine mixture from the jar. Massage onto your wet skin, leave on for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water and admire the result.

Make sure you don’t slip in the bathtub or the shower after this stunning beautifying regimen

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