A kiss is not just a kiss

“You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how” said Rhett Butler to Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind. He was right, but probably didn’t know to what extent. Since then, scientists have thoroughly studied the subject and proved that kissing is paramount to happy relationships. Not a quick peck on the cheek, like in Planet of the Apes, oh no, we are talking about seriously sensual smooching.

Couples who kiss often have more sex, are less stressed, more satisfied with their life and they tend to accumulate less bad cholesterol than others who seldom kiss or not at all. Kissers are often more inclined to do sports, fight less, have fewer conflicts and understand each other better. Affectionate lovers manage stress better from a psychological point of view and their oxytocin level is higher. When a relationship deteriorates, partners tend to kiss less. It is often a warning signal for a romance falling apart.

So, for a happy twosome and good cholesterol, kiss more often and strive for excellence.

Look your Raymond in the eyes before you start lip-locking and while at it too. (In traditional Chinese medicine, the eyes are linked to an energy channel surrounding sexual organs.) Then kiss him softly, slowly, delicately, passionately, quickly, lightly, avidly, greedily, hard or any other way you like. Don’t forget to nibble, massage and stroke his lips. Kisses are also your hormonal hors d’oeuvres: The dear boy is passing some of his testosterone to you via his saliva, just to put you in the right mood. Your blood starts racing around, your pupils dilate and suddenly your sense of touch and smell and your endorphin production switch to turbo mode. And all this makes you feel on top of the world.

Kissing is not by any means a new invention. The first texts mentioning it are the Vedas written in Sanskrit around 1500 BC. A thousand years later, the Kamasutra explains the art of kissing and states that lips are extremely sensitive erogenous zones. For women, it’s the upper lip which, in this particular moment, should not be stiff. You can always stiffen it later. For men, according to the same erotic manual, it is the lower lip that needs all your attention. The Kamasutra recommends that the man should kiss, nibble and massage the lady’s upper lip. So, both lovers reach high levels of sexual excitement and their growing passion makes them feel intense pleasure.

This is interesting but not earthshattering news. But wait, there is more: in tantric love, one of the channels carrying life force and cosmic energy through the body, the shanka nadi, connects the upper lip to the palate and the clitoris. And for Raymond, another of these nadi links his lower lip to his sex. Now, isn’t it absolutely wonderful?

Once you’ve set Raymond’s libido on fire, kiss him everywhere, mixing kisses and caresses, both being über aphrodisiac.

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" The Kiss" (acrylic on canvas) Inès Peyret 

" The Kiss" (acrylic on canvas) Inès Peyret