In the mood for Bonsai

Alas poor bonsai!

It used to look so well. But now unsightly lime scale stains are ruining its stunning beauty. Stephan, his proud owner is devastated. Thank goodness, Bénédicte, his lovely wife and MacGyverette extraordinaire, has a magic recipe to restore its former blemish free bark. She takes a deep breath, dips a soft toothbrush in some lemon juice and brandished it shouting BANZAÏ, just to terrify the disfiguring stains. Then, she gently rubs the trunk.

This little massage clears away the disfiguring white marks in no time, revealing a dazzling dark bark.

Delighted with the result, Bénédicte leaps for joy, briefly singing Alleluia before regaining her composure.


                                            In le citron à tout faire.