What did Cleopatra do?

What did the sublime Cleopatra do when she discovered a zit had the audacity to ruin her royal epidermis?

She did exactly what we do: she freaked. But after the horror, the stupor and the tremors, she held back her tears and like a warrior, with a stiff upper lip, she whipped out her secret weapon: the natron. She mixed a just pinch of the magic powder with a bit of water et voilà, her remedy was ready! She put a thin layer on the shameless squatter before retiring to her chambers. The tragedy was that she had to leave this concoction on her complexion all night. No way was she going to let anyone see her like this. So she slept alone, without Cesar or Mark Anthony or Raymond.

On awakening, she washed the disaster area in a hurry and happily discovered that the natron had banished her blemish.

In le dictionnaire à tout faire du bicarbonate.