The bear

In the Frozen North of Russia, only polar bears are allowed in villages, (or so goes the story, anyway). One day, a poor lonesome brown bear lost up there and fed up with being excluded, got hold of some baking soda - aka soda bicarbonate. He covered himself with it until he was white all over. Pleased with the result, he smiled and set off to sneak into a village.

The moral of this story is that baking soda is harmless to bears and to your pets too – including the latest trendy ones such as ferrets and reptilians – without irritating their fragile skin or their lungs.

Baking soda is a must have in their toiletries bag.

It is the IT hygiene and beauty product for all our lovely hairy four-legged companions as well as hairy or clean shaven two-legged ones: deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste etc., the versatile white powder is all of them.  

In le dictionnaire à tout faire du bicarbonate.