A punctured toilet float

Imagine the worst possible scenario: late on a dark and lonely Saturday night, you are faced with a plumbing emergency: the toiled float is punctured. Raymond is away on his yearly trek in Nepal and Sid, your favourite plumber, who is trying to save his marriage, has gone incommunicado till Monday.

                                       Don’t panic! 

Take a deep breath, make yourself a nice cup of tea and sit down for a while. When you are perfectly relaxed, prepare to salvage the poor float in total zenness.

Delicately unscrew the device, gently remove it, empty it carefully, screw it back tightly and wrap it up lovingly in a plastic bag closed with a rubber band. Test your toilet: it flushes perfectly. Bursting with pride, you can go back to bed.

Récupération et recyclage à tout faire.