The morning after

In Puerto Rico, local tradition favours prevention: would be over-indulgers rub a lemon wedge under their drinking arm BEFORE they hoist the inebriating liquids.

We haven’t tested this remedy, but we know for sure that it is a definite no no after waxing. This makes one wonder if Hollywood celebrities, sporting triumphant hairy armpits, sometimes blue or pink, have not been traumatized by this recipe.

The liver is the organ that suffers most from excessive libations. To alleviate the sufferings due to the fun you had the night before, dig out the lemon. The valiant citrus is liver friendly. Mix it with water, salt and sugar, and you have the perfect rehydration drink to replace the minerals lost during the fiesta. Your acid friend will do its best to alkalize your suffering system and regulate your poorly pH.

A New York bar tender swears by lemon juice with a little black tea to help his hungover clients’ headache.

If that morning after feeling is totally unbearable and if you are desperate enough to try anything, lemon juice mixed with the same amount of olive oil might work for you. Those that can manage to keep it down, swear by its effectiveness.

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