Raymond’s Beard Oil

There is nothing natural about the amazing scintillating softness of Raymond’s beard. Oh no! It’s insane silkiness is due to tons of loving care. Whether you sport a five o’clock shadow, a designer stubble or the full works of a lumbersexual, Cleanliness, neatness and impeccable grooming are paramount.

One of Raymond’s secret weapons to tame it and shine his manly hair while soothing his baby skin is his signature beard oil, homemade of course.

Nothing new to this: Mesopotamians used sesame oil to moisture their pilose system, kill lice and repair damages. They also powdered gold dust on it and wove ribbons in it.

For his magic potion, Raymond prefers jojoba oil – organic and cold pressed, as always – mixed with essential oils to add fragrance, encourage growth, stop “beardruff”, itchiness and other miseries that do sometimes plague the bearded biped.  

In a lovely dark 30 ml glass bottle with a cute dispenser, the dear boy pours 28 ml of jojoba oil; the he adds 7 drops of essential oil of vetiver – the base note – 5 drops of essential oil of Neroli – the middle note – and 7 drops of essential oil of lime – the top note.

You can, of course, replace all these – vegetal oil as well as essential oils – by your favorite ones. Cedarwood, ylang-ylang, vanilla or frankincense make excellent base notes. For middle notes: cardamom, cinnamon, jasmine or rosemary are brilliant. As for top notes: lavender, lemon, lemon grass, bergamot or tuberose are fabulous. These are just ideas. There are lots more to choose from.

Put a small dab of the finished product on your fingers (3 to 5 drops depending on the size of your beard) and massage gently into the beard.

Raymond’s other secret weapon is his beloved wooden comb. An absolute marvel, totally cruelty free to facial hair or skin, antistatic and finally, porous. So, when Raymond uses it in the morning to apply his divine mixture, the wood retains some of it, distributing it again when he grooms his beard during the day.


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