Lice Buster

“A louse is a friend that, unlike others, will not desert you in times of need.” said Alphonse Allais. Lice may be minute but they are a mega headache.

Many hundred thousand years before man, todays lice ancestors happily colonized other unfortunate hairy creatures. But as soon as Homo sapiens appeared, these lousy critters fell madly in love with him, so much so that they mutated especially for him and became the Pediculus capitis still ruining our lives. Unfortunately for them, the feeling has never been mutual. Methods to eradicate them are probably as old as this one sided love affair. The first known delousing hair combs date as early as 12 500 BC, and their design has changed little since then. Some very bling ones were found in Egyptians tombs. Cleopatra’s, of course, was made of gold. They were used together with an Ebers papyrus date meal based recipe to suffocate these blood suckers. In 100 A.D, the Chinese discovered that Pyrethrum, a powder obtained from the dried chrysanthemum flowers, worked wonders. Marco Polo brought it to Europe. Chemical versions of pyrethrum were successfully used in the 1970s. But 20 years later, they had almost no effect on the mutant villains. American parasitologists explain that this new super breed of head lice is hyper resistant to most over the counter and prescription products. According to them, selfies are partly to blame for an increase in hair lice infestations.

Thank goodness, all is not lost in this many-thousand-year-old war. Dear aunty Catherine’s old remedy comes to the rescue to send them ad patres with a good dose of coconut oil and essential oils of anise and ylang-ylang. It’s efficacy has recently been scientifically proved by Israeli researchers. The dear boys showed this terrific trio’s superiority (+93% success rate) on chemicals.

To prepare Catherine’s super lice buster, melt 3 tablespoons coconut oil in a double boiler. Add 10 drops of both essential oils and mix furiously. Send the sorry infested victim under a hot shower, then massage his/her scalp and hair with the mixture. Comb scalp and hair thoroughly to distribute this weapon of massive destruction. Tightly wrap his/her hair and head with cling film, cover with a shower cap or a towel. Leave the magic mixture on for an hour to suffocate the non grata and their nits. Remove cling film and comb again to collect the dead. Dilute 1 tablespoon of white vinegar in 1 glass of water. Apply to scalp and hair, let it sit for 15 minutes and comb again before shampooing. Repeat the whole treatment after a week.

In case of a lice attack at school, call homeopathy to the rescue and give 10 granules Psorinum 15 CH once a week and 2 granules Pediculus Capiti 5 CH morning and night as long as necessary. You can also give 10 granules Staphysagria 5 CH on the first day, 10 granules Staphysagria 9 CH the second day and 10 granules Staphysagria 15 CH the third day.

To enjoy the benefits of oils: Le Dictionnaire à tout faire des huiles