Pulverize your orange peel

This unsightly orange peel, probably sent by some weird misogynistic malevolent force from outer space, curses most women. The good news is that you have the weapons, scientifically tried and tested, to fight it already in your kitchen. Really? Really!

What natural product, bursting with mega antioxidants – half a cup contains as many as 3 oranges – can knock this ghastly cellulite sideways, moisturize, soften the skin, exfoliate, stimulate the circulation, banish toxins because its pH is the same as the skin, tighten pores, banish spots, fights acne, prevents wrinkles and diminishes existing ones? A totally awesome treasure that you were about to throw away: Coffee grinds! Take a moment to look at this marvel with respect and devotion before testing its amazing powers.

The caffeine it contains attacks the ugly dimples disfiguring your poor epidermis. And if you associate is to coconut oil and juniper essential oil, you have a potent trio, famously used in spas in Hawaii and Bali for years.

So, after making your morning coffee, get the grinds – about 2 cups – and put in a bowl. Melt 3 tablespoons coconut oil and add 10 drops juniper essential oil and mix. Combine with the coffee grinds, stirring vigorously. Take a hot shower and brush the devastated zones with a loofah. Put a newspaper on the floor, step on firmly, ready for the fight. With a steady hand, massage your mixture on the stubborn cellulite bumps, drawing lovely circles. Shower again to wash away the remains of your concoction. And to rev up your metabolism, drink green tea with lemon 3 times a day. This powerful thermogenic duo ruthlessly targets undesirable lipids.

The bad news is, that if you have to do it every day, exercise regularly and eat sensibly. After 4 weeks of this assiduous regimen, bursting with pride, you’ll notice your cellulite diminishing and your skin getting smoother and tighter.

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