Cooking is Hype

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Cooking is so totally hype, but with fascinating, flawless and frugal cuisine you’ll reach the apex of hype.This is when it becomes “Art”.

Soups made with vegetable tops, like young carrot greens – otherwise they’ll be too bitter – or radishes. Oliver – our favourite English chef – explains that the latter can proudly replace watercress in the eponymous soup. Ditto for beet tops and exquisite parsley and coriander stems.

It is a crime to throw them away so, in his kitchen, they get whizzed into sublime soups, perfect pesto, ravishing ravioli or tossed into stock or stunning sautéed vegetables.

Britain is not the only “waste not want not” cooking champion. Italian starred chefs are celebrating and even elevating la cucina povera –poor people’s food – to haute cuisine status priced accordingly.

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